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Legal Consultation

We offer consultations in English and Tagalog and cater to clients in the United States and internationally.
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Prior to your in-person consultation

  • When corresponding with the attorney online prior to your meeting, they may ask you to bring any necessary documents related to your case. This is so the attorney can look over them during the consultation.
  • Jot down summarized information about your case to share with the attorney. This saves time and helps the attorney get an idea of your situation quickly.

During the consultation

  • It is recommended that you bring a pen and notebook to write down any important information that the attorney will give. This is for your benefit so you won’t have to contact the attorney again after the meeting.
  • Ask the attorney about similar cases and if they would be able to handle your case personally.

Things to be aware of

  • Legal work has no 100% guarantees; however, the attorney should be able to point out any weaknesses of your case and the likelihood of having a positive outcome.

Last Updated on July 26, 2023

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